Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Truckers strike likely to start tonight

Truckers strike likely to start tonight

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With many associ ations deciding to support the indefinite strike called by the Federation of Karnataka Lorry Owners Association from midnight of September 30 on the speed governor controversy, people in the city could face various kinds of inconvenience over the next few days.

The association has decided to go on strike although the Supreme Court has not yet given its verdict on whether heavy vehicles in Karnataka need to install speed governors or not as insisted upon by the state government.

Employees of city BPO and IT firms could be inconvenienced if taxi and cab owners join the indefinite strike. The BPO employees anticipate confusion if the cabs go off the roads as they claims their managements have let them down in the past, failing to arrange transport for them even during bandhs.

“Last time our transport department told us that cabs would be available during a bandh, but later we were informed that we were supposed to make our own way as they could not arrange the cabs to pick us up,” said a BPO employee, Chetan Sharma.

Explaining the decision of the Federation of Goods Trucks Association to support the strike, its president, Tempo Babu, said, “If we boycott the high court decision, it will be contempt of court. So instead we decided to join the indefinite strike. The state government should have considered the consequences before insisting on speed governors for our vehicles.” He claimed the government was only trying to harass truck and other commercial vehicle owners by its notification on the speed governors. “The officials have submitted exaggerated statistics on accidents involving lorries to the high court. The police will take advantage of this situation and we will be charged huge amounts as fines if installation of speed governors is made compulsory.” Mr Babu added.

The federation also feels it is unfair that only Karnatka is insisting on speed governors for its commercial vehicles. “The decision should be implemented nationwide and not restricted to a state,” he maintained.


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