Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Protest faces residents’ ire

Protest faces residents’ ire

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The truckers’ strike has angered people, who are not very sympathetic to their plea against the state government’s insistence that they install speed governors in their vehicles.

“While it is to easy to see the truckers’ point of view, it is also important to understand the socio-economic rationale behind the government’s move which the truckers are eager to ignore,” said an employee of an IT company.

“Truckers all over India share some common traits. Barring a few exceptions, most trucks are in poor shape, are noisy and polluting and have dubious registrations. Most of the drivers are undisciplined, overbearing and aggressive. They are impatient, take sadistic pleasure in playing hide and seek with cars and smaller vehicles, and don’t care in the least for human life. All this may be fun for truck drivers but for drivers of cars it is a frightening experience,” said Sandeep Kaur, an IT company employee.

“These are weighty issues that need to be resolved over time. Yielding to the truckers’ lobby will not do when a whole gamut of issues are involved,” said another techie, Raman Shah.


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