Sunday, September 28, 2008

on the street where you live - Even autos say no to this posh area

on the street where you live - Even autos say no to this posh area

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Autorickshaws refuse to enter this road and at least five to six vehicles have a flat tyre on it every week. When it rains it becomes a pedestrian’s nightmare. Welcome to 17th F Cross Road in JP Nagar V phase.

People who use the road to go to work say their clothes become so dusty by the time they reach their offices that they feel they have been through a construction site.

The frustrated people have formed an association called 12th Main Association only to deal with this one road. They are hoping that at least this will draw the authorities’ attention to its condition.

“We sometimes feel as if we are not in Bengaluru but in some village,” says Sai Kiran, secretary, Madurasuraksha Apartments, add ing, “It was to get this road repaired that we formed the 12th Main Association two years ago. Last year to worsen the situation, they filled all the potholes with pebbles and mud. All the mud was eventually washed off, leaving the stones behind which made travelling on it much worse.” Recalls Sundaramma, “A year ago, a senior citizen, who was walking on this mud road, which has never seen tar, fell down and suffered a fracture. She has not been able to walk since.” The area has numerous posh apartments but the road has remained muddy as ever. Says a vegetable vendor, “I have been selling vegetables on my cart here for the past 10 years. The condition of this road has never changed and is in fact becoming worse.” The potholes here have even defeated autorickshaw drivers, who outright refuse to take passengers to 12th main JP Nagar. “Autos stop at the entrance to the road even if we have children with us,” says a housewife, Shyamala. “It’s impossible to walk or ride here. When it rains vehicles skid,” says Ananth, another resident.

BBMP assistant engineer N.A. Khan, in charge of this zone, claims that estimates have been drawn up on the repair of the road which have been sent to the commissioner. “Once they are approved, we will call for tenders and start work immediately,” he says.


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