Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's the Baig deal?

What's the Baig deal?
By: Chetan R
Date: 2008-08-26


BIG DEAL: The shop on Saunders Road which is alleged to be in violation of the law PIC/CHETAN R
MLA Roshan Baig's residential property has allegedly not been approved for commercial use though his daughter runs a clothing outlet from there.

"He runs a commercial establishment on residential property, which the law doesn't permit," said J Abdul Haq Surathi, a right to information (RTI) activist.

He added that there are certain legal formalities that haven't been carried out.

"This is a violation of the Karnataka Town and Country Act," he added.

Roshan has allegedly not applied for the transfer of property from residential to commercial use to avoid paying the fees, said to be steep.

The procedure

Section 14 a of the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act restricts any change in the use of property without the state government's approval.

Any change in the use of land has to first be approved by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA).

Once the requirements of the Act are met by the BDA it is thrown open to public objection.

After this, there is a presentation made to the BDA board and contingent on its approval, the application is sent to the state government, which finally decides on the change in land use.

"It's a very lengthy process. One can't easily obtain permission for change in land use. Several requirements have to be met including the one that demands the change should be for public purposes," said Rangesh, Member, Town Planning, BDA.

"Unless and until it meets these requirements, it can not get approved," he added.

A hefty fee has to be paid after approval of change in land use.

"His property said to be about 2,000 sq ft, is valued to be around a crore. Even if the government clears his application, he has to pay half the value of his property, which is around Rs 50 lakh," said Surathi.

"To avoid making this payment he has changed it by himself. We will fight a legal battle as this is a huge loss to the state government's exchequer besides being a violation of the law," added Surathi.

Allegation denied

Roshan has denied the allegation.

"Everything is legal. My daughter runs the apparel outlet. It has been legally approved. I don't need to explain the details to you," said Roshan.


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