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‘Privatization will improve quality of roads’

While several readers believe privatization is the way forward to solve the problem of bad roads in Bangalore, some are sceptical about it
Privatization will ensure accountability
It is a fact that civic bodies are unable to ensure better-quality roads because of corruption. Roads made under such an administrative system will not last long. It is better to entrust the responsibility of laying good-quality roads to private organizations so that accountability can be expected. I B S RAGHAVENDRA RAO
Yes. The work should be given to a reputed company with a guarantee clause so that if the roads have any defect, the contractor should attend to it at his own cost during the guarantee period. I M N KESARI
Major arterial roads need privatization. It will result in a quality finish. Private work culture encourages healthy competition, transparency, accountability, and responsibility. Better results can be expected. I MANJUNATH
Privatization is the panacea for many ills including bad roads. Ensuring accountability will imply less corruption and, hence, better quality. So, privatization will lead to better-quality roads. Government projects are often plagued by lack of accountability, which is mainly responsible for the shoddy, poor quality of work executed. I USHA G RAO
Yes. Then there will be more accountability as we know how the government works without privatization. I AYUB
It will ensure better roads
Privatization is certainly a good measure which will prove successful when entrusted to different popular agencies. Some city roads should certainly be entrusted to these private agencies. Those areas which were inundated in water in recent rains and those adjacent to the airport can be privatized on a trial basis. Chief secretary/ additional chief secretary may be entrusted with the task of monitoring any corruption between the BBMP and different agencies. This is in order to ensure better accountability. The name of the agency should be displayed prominently on such roads. I T S PRASAD
Since roads are nobody’s baby and it’s difficult to avoid bad roads in the city, the time for privatization has arrived. The concept has brought success in other areas, and, so, dedicated parties must be given a chance to create wonders. They must be asked to use the latest technology. I TARUN K JAIN
Privatization will definitely help in the drastic improvement of certain roads. When international airports can run smoothly after being privatized, naturally, even roads can also expect a sea change depending upon the standard of the agency that takes up the responsibility. An obvious truth is that private agencies are faster than government in various areas. Hence, it won’t be wrong for the government to try it, as it will not only lessen their burden but also be beneficial to the exchequer. I P A SUKUMARAN
Raj Bhavan Road from GPO to Balekundry Circle cries for immediate attention. It requires concreting to last at least 20 years. This road is fit for privatization on a build-own-operate-transfer basis. Also, newly added CMCs and a few TMC roads should be made concrete through privatization. I R GURU RAO All roads should be 100% privatized. But the work should be carried out by a single-window agency. I LALIT SOLANKI
Privatize all roads as this is the only solution to make proper roads. I VIA SMS
Yes, it can be privatized. This will change the total map of Bangalore. I RAMYA
Try it out on trial basis
Yes, it is worth trying on an experimental measure. Perhaps owing to severe shortage of staff compounded by lethargy and rampant corruption, BBMP could do little to improve the pitiable condition of roads. The government has to outsource to reputed and time-tested private companies and not to firms which bend over backwards, scurrying for favour from corrupt officials. I H P MURALI
The BBMP has failed to deliver the results with regard to maintenance of roads in city. Rampant red-tapism, poor planning and execution, procedural delays, absence of a time frame and coordination and, above all, poor quality of roads are factors responsible. Even entrusting it to private agencies may not bring desired results. But it can be tried and tested. I P V PRAKASH
It’s a novel idea to privatize roads if big corporates come forward. The area’s corporators should take responsibility and be accountable for all roads in his respective ward. All these years, none of the corporators took a keen interest in setting things right. I NORBERT BROWN
Some city roads should be privatized immediately on an experimental basis. Roads should be selected where large number of people commute, for example, city bus stations, market, office complexes, etc. and not in posh localities or residential areas of VIPs. Reputed companies may be entrusted with construction of concrete roads, asphalting, and maintenance of roads including pavements. I B N GOVINDARAJULU
Privatization is not the solution
Privatizing some roads is not the solution. If they are to be privatized, all roads should be covered. Privatization in India has not proved itself better in many spheres. Instead, construction of major road projects such as national highways and flyovers should be privatized. They should be given to those who can do a better job and can be held responsible. Before that, proper planning is a must. Laying of cables, water and sanitary lines should be fixed for only a particular period and not permitted as and when requested. The authority damaging the stretch should reconstruct it in a quality manner so that it lasts as long as it’s supposed to. Covered trenches/ ducts/ tunnels be provided on all roads to eliminate digging. I D R PRAKASH
Privatization is not the key. Award contract based on performance. While a susbstantial advance should be paid to the contractor, the balance should be settled upon satisfactory execution.
This will ensure better quality and accountability. Privatization will only increase the cost which the taxpayer has to cough up. A third-party quality certification authority can be appointed
Private road diggers spoil the roads, so government should have control over privatization. I N R RAMESH
No. The government should take to task the erring official. I PRATHIBHA
Bangalore’s concrete roads are the best. I don’t think they need to be privatized.


At Saturday, August 30, 2008 at 4:59:00 PM GMT+5:30, Blogger rameez said...

Today while going through the road between the mount carmel college and Jain hospital thanks to the heavy rains the roads were flooded!! the traffic was stuck to a stand still and wallah pedestrians starts havin the tough time thanks to such dirty road conditions!!!


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