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Don't walk this way

Don't walk this way
By: Savie Karnel
Date: 2008-08-26


Cauvery Junction

The magic box at Cauvery Junction has brought no magical change for pedestrians. The footpaths are still very narrow.

"They made the road to the airport signal-free. But what about us pedestrians? How are we supposed to cross the road? Besides, the condition of footpaths is so bad that we are forced to walk on the road," said Sohan Kandpal, a techie who works in Sadashivnagar.

No leg room

Old Madras Road

Old Madras Road was initially considered a highway. Several shopping complexes and offices have come up since then, but nothing has been done for pedestrians.

"Every month at least one pedestrian is killed on this road. Vehicles are always going at full speed. At nights the road are not illuminated, making it difficult for both pedestrians and drivers," said Rudresh, a traffic police constable at Jeevan Bhima Nagar police station.

There are just two zebra crossings, one near Isolation Hospital and the other near the K R Puram Flyover.

Cunningham Road

The entire road has only one zebra crossing at Wockhardt Hospital. There is a security guard instead of a traffic constable who mans it.

"Some times people do not listen to the security guard. I have a tough time crossing the road. The footpaths have telephone boxes and poles to facilitate ads, which makes walking tough," said Ashwini M, a marketing executive.

Other roads

Richmond Road
This road is possibly the most notorious for being pedestrian unfriendly. "It is very difficult to cross the road. There is heavy traffic all the time and not enough zebra crossings," said Nancy T, a copy editor whose office is on the road.
There are just two zebra crossings, one at Vellara Junction and the other near Baldwin's School. Pedestrians are at the mercy of drivers when they cross the road.

Hosur Road
There is no place for pedestrians to walk on Hosur Road.

"The footpaths are dug up and nobody seems in any hurry to fix them. In some places there is no footpath at all and crossing the road is very difficult. If other well-frequented roads were in the same condition, there would have been a hue and cry," said Rohan M, a student.

Vyalikaval Road
Huge footpaths had been built on Vyalikaval Road, second main on, but they have all been encroached.

"Three years ago the government had wide footpath made but now there are shops on them. I had written to the BBMP commissioner and to the additional commissioner of traffic. But there has been no response from them. I even made a five page report on all the encroachments, but they still did not bother," said G N Muthy, a resident of Vyalikaval.

Nothing is done

K S S Iyengar, founder member, Bapu Pedestrians' Association
"The authorities do not understand our plight. They are only bothered about motorists. Footpaths have been encroached, forcing people to walk on the road."

M N Srihari, traffic expert
"Skywalks are often too high for people to climb. They are built keeping in mind ad revenue and not pedestrians. In many places zebra crossings are not painted. No thought has been given to footpaths."


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