Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another road patched up. But what do engineers say?

Another road patched up. But what do engineers say?

Rest House Crescent Road on Monday, August 25: Pockmarked with potholes, surface crusty
Rest House Crescent Road on Tuesday, August 26: Quick patchwork done by BBMP workers (Needless to say the downpour at night did wear it off a bit)
Sankey Road on Tuesday, August 26: Bad patch of road leading to CM’s official residence
Sankey Road on Wednesday, August 27: Quick action by BBMP to cover the crater
TOI carried photographic evidence of both these sections of roads on Tuesday and Wednesday. But what does BBMP engineer-in-chief A K Gopalaswamy have to say? “I got the roads inspected based on pictures published by TOI. The pictures are six months old and were taken when the roads were in a bad state. There are no problems now...’’
BBMP’s justification for bad stretches
Vittal Mallya Road
The photo published in the newspaper appears to be a very old one. The BBMP inspected this road on Tuesday and the pothole shown has already been filled. The BBMP has also commenced repair work of Vittal Mallya Road and will be continued during fair weather.
The rough track on Rest House Crescent Road
BWSSB has dug up the road for laying sanitary lines and it has completed the work. But the restoration that has to be carried out by the water board is yet to be completed. After the restoration of the cut portion is done by BWSSB, the BBMP has a proposal to take up asphalting work for the entire road. The photo published refers to the water supply leakage portion on this road about which a letter has been addressed to BWSSB to repair the leaking joint. The patching of this portion will be done immediately after BWSSB does the repair work. The pothole formed by the leakage of water supply line has been magnified and published. BBMP cannot function in isolation and hence cannot be blamed in isolation.
Unpaved surface of Annaswamy Mudaliar Road
The BWSSB is laying pipes upto 900 mm diameter and the earth is excavated for width of 2.5 m and depth up to 3-5 m along the Annaswamy Mudaliar Road. The BWSSB has to restore the road cut portion but it is yet to rectify the cut portion because of which the entire road has been damaged. In this regard, the BBMP has addressed a letter to BWSSB to remit a sum of Rs 30 lakh for restoration of cut portion. Once the restoration is complete, BBMP will take up asphalting work of the road.

BBMP personnel fill the pothole opposite chief minister B S Yeddyurappa's home-office ‘Krishna’ in Bangalore on Wednesday


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