Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No place to dump garbage

No place to dump garbage
Bangalore, DHNS:
The BBMP spends a whopping Rs 90 crore per year on door-to-door collection of garbage. More than 500 trucks are deployed by BBMP and its contractors, to collect and transport about 3000 tonnes of garbage every day. But the Palike does not have the facility to dispose even half this amount.

BBMP’s service contractor Gopinath Reddy told Deccan Herald that sanitation in the city has been affected due to the lack of adequate capacity landfills. “The Palike has operationalised a landfill site near Mavallipura on Hesarghatta road, after a delay of more than two years and another facility near Doddaballapura recently, both of whichcan accomodate about 100 trucks each. This leaves us with 300 truckloads of garbage that have nowhere to go,’’ he said.

Not co-ordinated
Reddy said that the Palike also made garbage transportation tougher by not co-ordinating with the traffic police. “Recently many trucks, on their way to Doddaballapura, were apparently caught by the police for transporting garbage. The locals had complained that garbage trucks were a nuisance. As per the contract agreement the Palike too had agreed to provide adequate landfill facility. It has been nearly two years and we are yet find enough place to dump garbage,’’ he said.

On the other hand, BBMP joint commissioner (health) U A Vasantha Rao said that the Palike was in the process of creating landfills. He said that the Mavallipura and Doddaballapura landfill sites will shortly be able to take 100 tonnes more each, everyday. Rao said that a waste-to-energy unit is planned near Mandur.


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