Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No more power cuts in city

No more power cuts in city

Bangalore: Power-starved Bangaloreans can heave a sigh of relief. Chief minister B S Yeddyurappa has said that there would be no more loadshedding in the city.
Speaking to reporters here on Tuesday, he said rural power consumption had reduced due to good rain in the last few days, making more power available to Bangalore. This was because farmers had reduced drawing water from irrigation pumpsets as rains had fed the crops. This had reduced the consumption in rural areas and power stations in the cities had more power at their disposal. Ultimately, this has helped him lift load-shedding in Bangalore. “Initially, this month, the state’s daily consumption was 120 million units. But, on Monday, it was reduced to 83.89 million units. That is why we have decided not to shed load in the city.’’
Referring to the rural areas, he said load-shedding would depend on availability. “However, the intensity of loadshedding won’t be as much as it was before. The reservoirs are getting water and if the rain continues for some more days, we need not resort to loadshedding in rural areas too.’’ He said the rain will also help the government implement the proposal of providing free power to the irrigation pumpsets.
Due to shortage of power, daily, the government had resorted to 20% loadshedding (it meant power cuts of about 4 to 6 hours in Bangalore and 8 to 10 hours in rural areas). The government had announced that it would have to resort to 25% load-shedding in August. Sources said Karnataka would be getting 100 MW of power from Chattisgarh and Jindal had offered 50 MW.


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