Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ID cards for all, CCTVs in public places

ID cards for all, CCTVs in public places
Tuesday July 29 2008 04:15 IST

Express News Service

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BANGALORE: Compulsory identity cards for residents of major cities in the State, tighter norms for renting out houses to strangers, electronic eyes to keep an eye on mischievous elements in public places. These are among the government’s plans to tighten security following the serial blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad.

Announcing this in Legislative Assembly during the reply to a debate on the security scenario, Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa sought co-operation of all political parties to implement some tough measures to crush terrorism in the State.

The State Government is considering issue of compulsory identity cards for residents in prominent cities in the State, norms for renting out houses to strangers would be tightened, a close watch would be kept through closed circuit cameras in public places, intelligence wing and the anti-terrorist cell would be modernised as part of the measures to fight terrorism, Yeddyurappa said.

“The Centre has assured all help to the State in fighting terrorism. I will take up the issue with Union Home Minister very soon and try to get more funds for police modernisation. Efforts would also be made to improve co-ordination between central and State intelligence wings.

Night patrolling would be intensified. Vigil along the 300-km coastline in the State would be improved,” he added.

Denying the Opposition charge that the State Government had neglected the intelligence alert from central agencies on terrorist strikes in Bangalore, Yedyurappa said the alert was general in nature and there were no specific inputs on the strikes.

Not satisfied with the reply, Congress members accused the Government of failing in its duty to protect innocent lives and staged a walkout.


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