Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blasts: Garden city turns gizmo land

Blasts: Garden city turns gizmo land

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Following Friday’s blasts, demand for security equipment has jumped 40 per cent with dealers vying to meet the sudden increase in requests for various security apparatus in the city.

Sale of hand-held bomb detectors, door metal detectors and under-vehicle scanners has gone up sharply over the last few days. The buyers range from government departments, individuals and commercial establishments, to private firms and even security agencies.

The metal detectors cost between Rs 6,000 and Rs 10,000, while the under vehicle scanners are priced at Rs 8,000. The door metal detectors can cost anywhere up to Rs 50,000.

“Over the last two years these gizmos have been in demand in the Silicon Valley. But the recent blasts in the city have prompted many corporate houses and a wide range of customers to opt for gizmos that can come in handy in preventing any untoward incident.

Over the last four days the sale of such gadgets has shot up by 40 per cent,” said Mr Shivaraj Pattanshetty, chairman of Century Solutions, a dealer in security related products.

He says, the top selling products are manufactured in Bengaluru, while some are imported from Israel, Australia and Malaysia.

“We have also received orders from the Mysore Police for door metal detectors,” he revealed.

Mr Mahesh Bhan, security product dealer, said his firm had seen a sudden spurt in inquiries. Wedding halls too are looking at the option of screening their entry and exit points.


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