Tuesday, July 29, 2008

'Blasted' can!

'Blasted' can!
DH News Service, Bangalore:
The spate of bomb blasts across the country, has everyone on their toes. But for a resident of Jayanagar T Block, there was shocker he will not forget for a long time

Dayanand, a civil engineer had as usual been out on Sunday for his shopping, when his daughter called him on his mobile and said a loud blast had taken place at his home. Taken aback and shell shocked, he rushed back home only to find his shaving foam can burst open.

Narrating his experience to Deccan Herald, he said, “It was 11.30 am and the incidents of the past few day were still fresh in my mind. My daughter called me to inform of a explosion in my bathroom. For a moment, I was terrified.When I rushed back, I discovered that it was only my shaving foam tin can, manufactured by a reputed personal care company, that was lying unused that exploded. It had burst open. The pressure must have built up. It was half used” he said.

Dayanand added that he did not expect a product manufactured by a reputed firm to burst open.

“I would want this incident to be an eye-opener for others. Hopefully it will create an awareness that unused shaving cans can explode. Fortunately, I wasn’t home when it occurred. It could have been a close shave. ” he observed.


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