Wednesday, July 30, 2008

BIA to have ‘Pinplus’ service

BIA to have ‘Pinplus’ service
Wednesday July 30 2008 04:01 IST

Bosky Khanna | ENS

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BANGALORE: India Post aims to introduce a dedicated 'Pinplus' service for Bengaluru International Airport. The first Pinplus service in Bangalore for a separate pin code will start within two months.

Pinplus service is a dedicated area pin code and a beat code, also called postman code, explaining the exact location.

The pin code for BIA is 560 030, along with this a beat code will be suffixed for each addressee. For example the Pinplus code for BIAL office in BIA will be 560030-01 and so on for each airline office and stake holder.

Chief Postmaster General, Karnataka Circle, M P Rajan, told this website's newspaper that the department was in touch with the recipients for this service. Initially it would be for bulk delivery and later for the mail service as well.

By introducing Pinplus service, the postal department would eliminate three levels of sorting and increase proficiency and swiftness. The international airport on any given day receives over 800 articles which are addressed to over 60 addresses.

Thus the introduction of a dedicated Pinplus service for BIA will help in easy delivery. To enhance these operations further, a senior postal official said that India Post also proposes to set up a dedicated Delivery Service Office at BIA office.

All BIA addressees including stake holders, aviation companies, security offices, banks, cargo offices and other operators can access this office round the clock.

"We have asked the BIA to give us a list of all addressees for introducing the Pinplus service for allotting dedicated beat codes," added the official.

The postal department had earlier planned to introduce a dedicated pin code for Vidhana Soudha and extend the service by adding the Pinplus service for each office housed in Vidhana Soudha and similarly for Vikasa Soudha.

But the idea was dropped and the department instead introduced 58 dedicated pin codes for each office including that of Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, Information Technology Commissioner and others six months ago.


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