Tuesday, July 29, 2008

BangaloreOne stops railway e-ticketing

BangaloreOne stops railway e-ticketing

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One of the most popular services at the BangaloreOne centres – railway e-ticketing has been temporarily withdrawn.

The reason appears to be technical: Lack of access to the railway server managed by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC).

Twenty full-fledged Ban galoreOne centres and 20 kiosks are operational in various residential areas.

On an average 100 customers visit them everyday for railway ticket reservations.

A senior official from the Directorate of Electronic Delivery of Citizen Services (EDCS) assured that the cancellation of the popular service was “temporary” and the problem would be solved soon so that it could be re-introduced.

“We have brought the problem to the attention of the railway authorities and we have also included a few suggestions,” the officer added.

Officers of the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation said that server problems had been rectified and the e-ticket service through B1 centres would resume shortly.

The e-ticketing went through initial hiccups when it was introduced a year ago.

The customers were not allowed to cancel their tickets through B1 centres and there were server problems as well.

Passengers have more bad news. The railways have restricted the number of identity cards which can be produced on board the train after purchase of an e-ticket.

“The authorities have restricted the documents to identity cards issued by the central government, state government, driving licence and passport. We have no clue why the railways have narrowed down the number of documents which can be presented on board the train.

Even the Election Commission accepts any one of the 16 documents,” said a Directorate of Electronic Delivery of Citizen Services official.


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