Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Diversions create chaos

Diversions create chaos

The recent changes in traffic routes have created chaos at the Brigade Road junction.

Though the traffic police has made the changes only on a trial basis due to the ongoing work on the metro project, traffic on the connecting roads gets chaotic specially during weekends.

“Brigade Road and Garuda Mall are our usual hang-out spots on weekends. But for the last two weeks, the traffic situation is terrible here.

Motorists, pedestrians and everyone is stuck because of the changed routes,” said Malti Jain, who frequents the area.

The changes include flow of traffic towards D’Souza Circle instead of the two-way traffic from Hosmat Circle to D’Souza circle.

The one-way from Garuda Mall Circle to D’Souza Circle has also been reversed towards Garuda Mall circle.

The one-way traffic flow from Hosmat Circle to Palm Grove Circle is continues as traffic flow towards Palm Grove Circle and the one-way from Mayo Hall Circle to D’Souza circle has also been diverted from Garuda Mall Circle towards Hosmat Circle.

“The routes have been altered on a temporary basis. Notification has to be approved by the commissioner. The new traffic diversions have eased the traffic congestion at the Hosmat junction, Trinity junction and D’Souza Junction and we are getting a good response from the commuters and the residents of the area about this new change,” said Seemant Kumar Singh, DCP, Traffic East.

“But because of these diversions, traffic congestion is happening at Brigade Road, near Eva Mall, especially during weekends. We are working on it to sort out the prevailing chaotic situation,” Mr Singh added. Motorists have been avoiding MG Road due to the BMRCL project.

Most of the vehicles, especially heavy vehicles like buses, are taking Brigade Road, near Eva Mall area, which is the other cause of congestion at Brigade Road.

“We are trying to make vehicular movement at Shoolay Circle stop-free, so that free flow of traffic is ensured. Then there will be no congestion at the Brigade Road side. We are working out this. However we need some time to mend the traffic situation at Brigade Road area,” Mr Singh said.


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