Monday, June 30, 2008

Demands for BMIC and HAL

Demands for BMIC and HAL
Sunday June 29 2008 11:10 IST


BANGALORE: The completion of the Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor and the reopening of the HAL airport were some of the major demands of participants in the Agenda for Bangalore Infrastructure Development.

On why BMIC project work, which would help alleviate the city’s traffic congestion, was being held up, BDA Commissioner Siddaiah said that work on the BMIC was almost complete, except at the stretch near Gottikeri village, which was held up due to litigation.

Other participants demanded that the HAL airport be re-opened to handle the expected increase in air traffic. They said that having two airports would help distribute the traffic. Infosys Director of Human Resources Mohan Das Pai said that the IT community was disappointed with the previous regime’s apathy towards Bangalore’s infrastructure problems and hoped that the new Government would live up to its promises.

He said that the Government needs a vision for the next five years and should chalk out concrete plans to achieve its goals. He also said that government agencies should be made accountable and monthly progress reports must be submitted.

Some other demands

- Rail link connecting BIA and the city should terminate at Dairy circle, instead of BRV theatre

- The PRR should integrate with the BMIC

- The Transfer of Development Rights (TDR)scheme for acquiring land should be popularised

- Multi-level parking should be constructed at BBMP markets

- Mono Rail should be constructed to supplement the Metro

- Better designed underpasses should be constructed

- The Mysore Road flyover should extend up to BIA


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