Thursday, June 26, 2008

BANGALORE 360 Degrees

Over the last five days, 'BANGALORE 360 Degrees' dug deep into the daily problems faced by commuters, brought back to focus the various road-rail network proposals and did a reality check on the Metro Rail project...

Deccan Herald readers responded overwhelmingly to the call to make this series interactive, and seriously effective. Here are the observations and suggestions on various issues highlighted in the COMMUTER series:


In the feature on urban light and elevated railway projects, I find no specific proposal on connecting Bangalore East-Krishnarajapuram with Kengeri on the Southeastern side of Bangalore.

A branch line (a 'spur') used to take off from the Bangalore-Chennai line to terminate at Vimanapura (HAL).
This system was discontinued and Vimanapura station was even pulled down.

Laying a line on the Southeastern side of Bangalore for connecting Bangalore East with Kengeri (via Vimanapura) should be an important component of a metro rail.

As of now, the arc from the northwestern to northeastern parts has a virtual rail network but not the opposite arc from the southeastern to the southwestern. If rail connectivity is to be established with the new airport, if ever, air travelers from the southern parts of Bangalore, or even from Mysore, can easily commute to the airport via the proposed rail line.

S. N. Balasubrahmanyam, Machohalli.


Being a student, I have to reach college in time to attend my classes. Luckily I have the provision of a college bus. But many don’t. They have to go for either Public transport or private transport. BMTC is doing a commendable job in the City for sure but it’s not enough.

Why a person would choose private transport, the main reason is Time. It’s the will of the commuter at the pace at which he commutes. It is also a fact that BMTC is slower.

Considering the traffic snarls we prefer sitting in our cars listening to music and under the A/C rather than standing and fighting for the most wanted foot-board for ventilation in the over crowded busses.

Shishir B.S,
Engineering Student.

Banks lending hefty sums of loan at very low rates of interest to customers is a temptation for the public to go in for two-wheelers and four-wheelers as per their capacity to repay the loan in easy installments. Secondly commuters prefer their private vehicles for covering long distances within the city to BMTC buses since they sometimes have to wait long hours for buses. The peak-hour-rush in buses plying on almost all the routes in the ‘metro compels Bangaloreans to commute within the city by their own vehicles instead of travelling for hours in jam-packed BMTC buses.

H. Narayanan,
Yelahanka New Town

Traffic density reduction can be achieved by following one or more of the following items..

*It is a Herculean task to shift people to their working places. But it can be achieved by tying up with some real estate and govt. support especially for companies on the outskirts. This will ensure travel and hence less traffic.

*Many BMTC buses are found to travel short distances through multiple trips, say Majestic-Shivajinagar, Majestic-Domlur,.. as this is the highest contributor to traffice density within city. Even though bus numbers are less, their trips contribute more numbers. Make each and every bus travels to the end points of Bangalore, say upto Ring Roads. Therefore, trips decrease and inner city people will get high chances of reaching far distances in less time. This in turn reduces the congestion.

*BMTC should plan to ferry a passenger from any point of Bangalore to other point, with one or maximum two bus changeovers. This helps in reducing use of private vehicles to commute long distances.

*Make a Star Network with Majestic at its center and end points at Outer Ring Roads, ensuring any bus travels min. 15 to 20kms before it starts to return or halt.

*Divert buses from Single Lane or short-cut roads where it blocks several LMV's movement.

*Try facilitating the mini-vans to pick up people from inner residential areas to main road bus-stops. This will evict private vehicle usage drastically.

KM Babu, A Reader

I stay in RMV Extn 2nd stage. I work in CV Raman Nagar Bagmane Tech Park. If a train is introdued it would be a dream come true for me. In fact, my suggestion would be to start train from Bidadi-Kengeri-Majestic-Malleswaram-Yesvantpur-Lottegolhalli-Byappanahalli-CV Raman Nagar.

Give enough space or concessions to park two-wheelers or four-wheelers. Let it be a PPP (Public-Private-Partnership). Ask private companies to join this venture which would help them reduce cost.

Ritesh Joshi,
RMV Extension 2nd Stage.

Those who have their own vehicles are not likely to dispose them off. Those who are in line to purchase, you cannot stop them. The only way to discourage people is to make the vehicles costlier and maintenance more expensive.

Vivek Nagar


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