Monday, June 30, 2008

692-km transport systems will be needed by 2025

692-km transport systems will be needed by 2025
Sunday June 29 2008 10:56 IST


BANGALORE: The city will need over 692 km of mass transport systems by 2025 to ensure smooth commutation and decongest the traffic density on city roads.

According to a proposal submitted to the State Government by RITES, Bangalore will need 137 km of Metro rail, 60 km of Mono rail, 291 km of Bus Rapid System and a Commuter rail service of 204 km to cope with the city’s 93 lakh expected commuters. Making a presentation at a workshop on ‘Agenda for Bangalore Infrastructure Development’ S Sachidhar, RITES representative, said, "The number of vehicles is increasing at an annual rate of 11.5 per cent, with 1,461 vehicles per 1,000 households. According to experts, the only solution is an efficient mass transport system.

The plan proposes increasing the number of commuters using public transport from current 46 per cent to 75 per cent. The plan, expected to cost over Rs 46,900 crore, will be executed in three phases and proposes new strategies for the development of the city’s overall transport system.

Integration of various modes of transport

- Traffic diversion on the PRR and Intermediate Ring Road - Creation of transport hubs on the periphery of the city _ Improvement of Radial, Ring and other important roads.

The plan proposes that 209 km of new roads be constructed and 644 km of existing roads be widened. Grade separators for 28 roads and 18 rail crossings and 16.5 km of elevated roads will also be constructed. New parking facilities will be built to house over 10,000 vehicles.

Bus system

The proposal also suggests 10,000 new buses, 45 new Traffic and Transit Management Centres (TTMC) and four new inter-city bus terminals on the outskirts of the city.

Traffic Managemennt


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