Thursday, May 29, 2008

World class security: CISF

World class security: CISF
By S Praveen Dhaneshkar,DHNS,Bangalore:
The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), entrusted with the overall security of the Bengaluru International Airport (BIA) at Devanahalli, has stated that security accorded to the new airport is on par with the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) in New Delhi.

Speaking to Deccan Herald on Wednesday, Digvijay Kumar Singh, Commandant of the CISF posted at BIA said, “We have a set of parameters for international airports. It is comparably the best in the world.”
Posted to BIA after a successful stint at the IGI, Mr Singh heads a formidable team of 770 CISF personnel equipped with state-of- the-art weaponry.
“The Ministry of Home Affairs has sanctioned an additional staff strength of 228 personnel, of whom 148 have just arrived. In all, we will have a strength of 1000 plus,” he added.
In the first phase of security coverage, CISF will exercise access control to the terminal building and to the airside through control of the perimeter gates.
A ring of security will be laid along the perimeter including manning of all the watch towers.
Urging the public not to get apprehensive about the security provided at BIA, Mr Singh said the parameters/standards set by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security was in line with that of the International Civil Aviation Standard procedures.
Explained Mr Singh, “We are also in charge of passenger frisking and hand baggage from the check-in terminal. The registered baggage that goes into the hold of the respective aircraft is taken care by the airport operator BIA. All baggage is done through a five-level process (3 automatic and 2 manual). It is totally foolproof. We are up to it in meeting the highest standards set.”
Equipped to provide security to even the Jammu and Kashmir airport that has an even advanced security system that is state-specific because of the prevailing conditions there, CISF is trained to handle or combat any situation in high security zone airports.
n Five levels of security screening system for checked baggage
n 8 Airport Security Units with one x-ray per unit for domestic check-ins
n 5 Airport Security Units with one x-ray per unit


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