Friday, May 30, 2008

We need a world-class civic attitude

We need a world-class civic attitude
It was a long flight from Paris but exhaustion disappeared when I first saw the airport. The reception that we received felt like our dream of a world class airport was coming true

It was a long flight from Paris but exhaustion disappeared when I first saw the airport. The reception that we received felt like our dream of a world class airport was coming true. A few delays to get landing clearance and claiming luggage were there. But one can overlook the latter considering the system has to get in place soon.
But once I stepped into the rest room, it was a different picture all together. The infrastructure was world class but our civic sense was lagging far behind.
New toilets, soiled by callous users, no tissue paper, tissue stand already out of place, muddy water collected in the toilet, shoe marks all over the toilet seats, used and soiled tissues and pieces of cloth strewn all over made a sad sight.
If we do not improve our civic sense then the world class Bengaluru International Airport will remain just the structure minus world class attitude, which is the urgent need of the day.
-Elizabeth C Paramesh
BIA passenger
Exercise for cops!
As one of the passengers at the new air port, I am impressed. But there are some shortcomings
While you have highlighted that parking attends need to be educated, the civic authorities could also use a lesson.
When I was there on Monday morning, there were three police vehicles at the drop lane (which is meant only for dropping passengers for 90 seconds only). Their explanation was that they were on duty. The walk from parking lot to the airport (which is just around 50m) will surely help our pot bellied cops. Their attitude was more about being served than serving the citizens and such lethargy is not healthy. There are already marks of people spitting pan near the entrance area.
There are bound to be teething problems, but its only temporary but such behaviour of authorities (cops in particular) leaves bad taste and adds to the fact they they are a highly incompetent lot.
-BIAL passenger
Harrowing experince
I was surprised to read the rave reviews about the new airport in your newspaper. My own experience was harrowing. I landed at the airport at 12.30 pm on May 25. The aerobridges didn’t seem to be operating. We had to wait 15 minutes for the gangway. When it finally came, there was almost one-feet gap between the floor of the plane and top of the gangway.
The next shock was the toilets in the baggage claim area. There are only three toilets in the toilet block, resulting long queues.
The broadcast system failed, so there were no announcements and the luggage consoles didn't display the flight numbers correctly. When I came out of the building, no taxis were to be seen anywhere. There were no help desks.
The only service functioning well seem to be the new A/C buses going to town even though the fares seem a bit steep at Rs 100 per person up to Mekhri Circle.
- Mrs Anuradha Gokarn,
Transport woes
The efforts of the BBMP in making the ride to the airport smooth are laudable. At the same time, the traffic police must immediately address these issues.
-They must earmark a lane for slow-moving trucks.
- They must prevent trucks from plying on Bellary Road between the peak hours of 8 am and 11 am and 5 pm and 8 pm.
- ‘Janti vahana’ or the ‘road train’, which is slow moving, should not be allowed on Bellary Road.
K S Bhagavan
Shortcomings galore
It has been reported BIA CEO Albert Brunner was apologising to the passengers for inconvenience at the new airport. While one is touched by such a gesture, isn’t it time we faced up to the reality?
As with any new set-up, there are bound to be some “teething troubles”. The condition of rest rooms -stinking, no water in the taps, no toilet paper, etc - is pathetic. The immigration desks are poorly manned, while the state of affairs at the parking lots are miserable.
It is nice to blow trumpets about what a great achievement BIA is, but ground realities can’t be swept away along with the all-pervasive red mud of Devanahalli. One has to only visit Singapore’s Changi airport to be literally transported into another world – clean, dust-free and user-friendly.
Wing Commander Nayaham


To assist citizens on the shift to the new Airport , BIA has come up with a dedicated helpline to handle queries on passenger amenities and flight information. Passengers can dial 40581111 for information on routes to the airport , transportation, facilities, services at the airport parking etc.


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