Friday, May 30, 2008

Free porter service at BIA

Free porter service at BIA
DH News Service,Bangalore:
The teething problems at the Bengaluru International Airport (BIA) might have triggered a nightmarish experience for the passengers. However, thanks to a unique, free porter service, they are being promised a passenger friendly service.

Instead of bing swarmed by touts and trolley pullers demanding exorbitant fares for the trolley services they will provided a hassle free porter service which is the first of its kind in the country.
The Central Parking Service (CPS) which manages the parking at BIA is offering this new porter service availing which passengers can get baggage ferried in an efficient manner.
The CPS will deploy roving agents at different locations in the airport like the domestic arrival, international arrival areas, curbside, drop off zone and the parking area from where passengers can avail their porter services.
To avail this service, passengers will have to make a reservation or call for the porter service, following which a receipt with a number will be issued towards the payment by the roving agent. Simultaneously, the number and payment amount will be updated in a server and the roving agent will assign a porter for the service.
“ In most Indian airports passengers especially the international passengers are harassed by touts posing as porters and charge exorbitant fares for the trolley services.
This new trolley service system provides an hassle experience to the passengers and there is opportunity for porters to trick or over charge them,” Central Parking Service, CEO, N Sathyanarayan told Deccan Herald.
“Apart from the roving agents passengers also can reserve through different modes like dedicated telephone numbers, website and IVR system,” he added.
For overseas traveller, the payment can be made through credit cards. The fare for a trolley with three bags or upto 90 kgs is fixed at Rs 70.


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