Thursday, May 15, 2008

Connectivity still

Connectivity still
over closure
eludes new airport

BANGALORE,DHNS:Withless than two weeks to gofor the commercial launchof the Bengaluru International Airport (BIA), connectivity continues to be ahurdle for Bangaloreanstravelling to Devanahalli.

A slew of projects continue to be on the drawingboards, viz high-speed railto BIA,elevated roads et al.The delay in constructionof the much hyped signalfree travel as promised byBBMP that went gung-howhen it first announcedthe ‘Magic Box’ project atunderpasses, has only exposed the lethargy of theBBMP. The Cauvery junction underpass is the onlyrespite for motorists traversing on NH 7,what withthe other three underpasses at Cunningham Road,BDA and Anandnagarjunctions, progressing atsnail’s pace.Failed to capitalise

Despite assurances bythe BBMP to complete theunderpass works by the end of this month,it apparentlyfailed to capitalise on the delay in the BIA opening,originally scheduled in March.With the HAL airport alsoshutting down operations,vehicular traffic on the NH7is bound to get more chaotic,the only respite being theongoing road-wideningwork from High Groundspolice station by the BBMPand the NHAI highwaywidening work from Hebbalto Devanahalli.

The only civic body thathas delivered its promisesand offered a dedicated bus service before the openingof the airport is the BMTCwith its fleet of 40 ‘VayuVajra’ and Suvarna buses.But traffic experts opinethat speedy movement ofbuses sans a BRT (BusRapid Transit) would notyield desired results.

Until then commuterswould have to make dowith either their owntransport or use the BIAtaxi services, that come atapremium and get used tothe one hour of travel timetaken to reach BIA fromthe City centre


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