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‘Complete pending infrastructure projects’

‘Complete pending infrastructure projects’ Readers also want the govt to weed out corruption, improve law & order and preserve city’s greenery among other things

Improve infrastructure, ease traffic
Only infrastructure, infrastructure and infrastructure. I JACK SHENOY
Every CM so far, after Virendra Patil, has neglected North Karnataka. So, develop that region of the state. Improve public transport systems in Bangalore. Encourage the use of Kannada. I ANJALI
Create good roads for transportation and strictly enforce traffic rules. Control price rise. The department of culture should interact with professional cultural organizations when considering artistes for awards, programmes and sponsoring shows, etc. I SAI VENKATESH
Focus on traffic management including drainage and roads. Rename BIAL as Sir M Visvesvaraya International Airport. Concentrate on giving facilities to the newly formed BBMP areas. I PHANIRAJ
Give top priority to the worsening law and order situation and monitor this with the police department. Instruct the BBMP to complete all the half-baked infrastructure works such as flyovers, underpasses and drainage schemes and monitor them periodically. Initiate proceedings against those who have been caught red handed by the Lok Ayukta and grant more powers to the Lok Ayukta. I RAJASHEKAR PALAMAND
Put an end to traffic and civic woes. Widen roads to ease traffic congestion. Newly added areas (of erstwhile CMCs) should get priority here in terms of giving quality roads. Introduce peoplefriendly policies and schemes. Amend Sakrama suitably. Invite and involve Resident Welfare Associations in development of their localities. I P V PRAKASH
Come down with an iron hand on all traffic violators, install cameras and implement lane discipline. Traffic infrastructure has to get better. In addition to the Metro, we need suburban rail links as well. Stop land encroachment, punish those who have done it and preserve residential areas. I ALOK
Ease traffic jams and improve road connectivity in Bangalore. Give potable drinking water, a flawless sewage system and health facilities. Make government officials clean up their premises and also keep their offices neat. I GURU
Clear encroachments, creating enough space for roads and other infrastructure. Restore greenery by protecting lakes and forest areas. Ensure MLAs are accessible to the people. I SANTOSH KUMAR
Clear BMIC project and complete all infrastructure projects in a time-bound programme. Give full powers to Lok Ayukta for prosecuting any corrupt person irrespective of their position. Strictly enforce law and order. Otherwise, there are some people waiting to destabilize the present government. I M N KESARI
Reduce book burden of schoolchildren. Make rainwater harvesting compulsory. Asphalt all roads. I VIRARAJ URS
Set up Bal Bhavans all over Bangalore. Hindus need more cremation grounds and Muslims and Christians, more burial grounds; these should be identified. Regulate rickshaw drivers. I SUSHIL MEHRA
Provide clean and healthy public toilets in all BBMP parks. Introduce CNG powered autos. BMTC buses should be environment-friendly as well. I ARAVIND
Infrastructure should be the gayatri mantra. There are innumerable people under poverty line hoping for roti, kapda and makan. The chief minister must keep their problems nearest to his heart. Make arrangements to quench the thirst of people in Bangalore. Many middle class aspirants are waiting like jataka pakshi for allotment of sites in Arakavathy and other upcoming layouts in and around Bangalore. I JAGADEESH KALMATH
Good infrastructure with Mono and Metro rail. Good water supply connecting Hemavathy water. BBMP should do things better. I G S ESHWARAIAH
The top three priorities of Yeddy to better Bangalore should be: better infrastructure, security and traffic control. I VIA SMS
Better roads, strong traffic jurisdiction, security for all the employees of Karnataka, especially private companies. I VIA SMS
Improve infrastructure. Improve civic amenities and, last but not the least, involve traffic experts in solving traffic woes. I MOHINDER SINGH
The government should solve the current economic crisis. Pass on benefits to consumers by lowering prices. MLAs should meet people and sort out their problems, thus doing something for those who voted for them. Visualise infrastructure with the state’s future in mind. The other parts of the state should also be developed and not be neglected. I TARUN K JAIN
Improve infrastructure. Low interest loans for farmers and urban planning.
Weed out corruption
Trace the crores of rupees swindled in borewell, CMC, rice, Bellary mines scams and punish the guilty. Improve connectivity to neighbouring districts such as Kolar and Tumkur. The Metro alone cannot solve the city’s transport problems. Develop suburban railways. It is cheaper. Finish the incomplete infrastructure projects on a war footing. I M P VIJAYAKUMAR
Abolish rowdyism in the name of politics. Restore Bangalore’s pride of being the nation’s IT capital. Focus on infrastructure development. I MRUNAL SINGH
Lok Ayukta should be given full powers to prosecute and punish corrupt ministers, MLAs, etc, freely, without anybody’s permission. Set right the BBMP which is not functioning to the expectations of the people. Develop Bangalore’s infrastructure, which was stalled by JD(S) leaders earlier. I M B VENKATESH
Implement election manifesto in totality. Balance urban and rural development. Set up a standard model government to pave way for a national standard code. I N B VISHWANATH
Amend KMC Act to transfer delinquent officials of one corporation to another. BBMP mandarins take up the flood control measures only during the rainy season. Why? Entrust flood-control measures on a war footing, adopting magic box technology, to a foreign agency. Issue free bus passes to travel all over Karnataka to differently abled people as it may not cost the heaven to the exchequer. Please do not forget senior citizens and the disabled went in droves to cast their votes in favour of the BJP. Implement BPL tag to those earning Rs 5,000 a month. I R GURU RAO
Give BDA sites in Arakavathy Layout to those people who were allotted. Make BMIC project hurdle free. Give more powers to the Lok Ayukta. I MANJU NATH
Make surprise visits to government offices, hospitals, schools and provide necessary facilities for them. Ramaswamy’s report is hidden and action should be taken against culprits. Strictly enforce law to protect all government and public properties during strikes and bandhs. Protect ladies, senior citizens and children. I VIMALA KESARI
Take stringent measures to curb corruption in government offices and municipal council at all levels, especially at bureaucratic level. Come down heavily on terrorism. Take immediate action to improve infrastructure in Bangalore and other major cities and complete BMIC project. I S SUNDARA
People expect a corruption free and friendly administration. Reintroduce with modifications the erstwhile self-assessment scheme of property tax that was in force from the year 2000. BBMP may be directed suitably. Drinking water and power supply may be provided at reasonable rates by taking appropriate steps. I CHANDRASHEKAR NAIK
Top brass of all government departments should be made available either in person or over the phone to the general public to air their grievances and find remedies. If remedies can’t be offered at once, at least the problem should be recorded and solutions should
be offered. Root out corruption in all departments and empower the Lok Ayukta. Supply potable water to all citizens of Bangalore irrespective of their locality. I D PRASAD
Give powers to the Lok Ayukta. Improve the law and order situation. Take up infrastructure works. I ANURADHA
Keep Bangalore
Reduce air pollution. Give Kannadigas an opportunity to work in MNCs, especially IT and BT companies. New investment must be routed to smaller cities such as Hubli-Dharwad, Mangalore, Belgaum, etc. I
I’m the city of Bangalore. To save me you make promises galore. The hardships I endure have reached their peak. Give me a chance, therefore, to speak. Top 3 priorities did you say? This would be the ones if I had my way. Save trees that act as a shield. They are the treasures my ancestors did bequeath. The growing crime makes me shudder. Is there hope for me? Will I recover? The chaos of traffic makes me dizzy. Please make my life easy. I USHA G RAO
Focus on development, enhance greenery, and eradicate poverty. I SHIVANGI S K
Reduce crimes, tackle terrorists
Keep crime under control; take bold decisions on the horrible traffic problem; make Bangalore the best city in the world. I KARABASAPPA MADGOND
Preserve these three factors, that affect the common man, wisely — time, money and energy. I P AMBA BHAVANI
Bring in a strict law against terrorism. Improve roads and help the poor. I ASHISH Nab terrorists, develop good roads and promote tourism. I ASHOK JAIN
Make the police more efficient. Weed out corrupt police personnel. Eliminate goonda raj. I VIA SMS
Dear Mr CM, Readers of The Times of India have spoken. When we asked them to list the Yeddyurappa government’s top three priorities for Bangalore, they responded enthusiastically. Not surprisingly, infrastructure was top of the mind for most people. Here are the Top 10 issues that the Yeddy government needs to address on a war footing. It’s one thing to draft vision documents for the city. Execution on the ground is quite another matter. The people are waiting.
Improve infrastructure Empower the Lok Ayukta Reduce crimes Supply potable water Strictly implement traffic rules Enhance greenery Tackle terrorism with iron hand Alleviate poverty Control price rise Introduce people-friendly policies


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