Saturday, May 31, 2008

Brickbats, bouquets for BIA

Brickbats, bouquets for BIA
DH News Service,Bangalore:
The Bengaluru International Airport completed a week this Friday, yet its worries are far from over.

According to the BIA, the transition has been smooth despite hiccups. A release says the commencement of operations on May 24 at the new airport witnessed a switch from zero air traffic movements (ATMs) to 341 ATMs on the first day itself, with the number soaring to nearly 400 ATMs daily by Friday.
In one shift alone, (1300 hrs – 2300 hrs), the new airport handles approximately 241 ATMs. At the close of one week of operations, BIA reported it has received strong responses, both positive as well as negative.
Most passengers have been sympathetic to our initial problems due to the magnitude of the project and have expressed their support.
“This is only the start-up phase. Operating an airport at a first-class level is an ongoing process; we will constantly aim to better ourselves. We intend to address all issues and ensure that the airport functions smoothly,” said Albert Brunner, CEO, BIAL.
Passenger feedback has been the key to improving the airport facilities. While many have congratulated BIAL on the swanky facilities and access road to the airport, many passengers have also given objective feedback on the service and amenities, added BIA.
New international airlines will begin operations from BIA from next month.
BIA also announced the commencement of new airlines that will begin operating from June 1. Tiger Air (passenger) will begin operations from June 1, followed by Oman Air on June 16. Jett 8 (cargo) will begin a couple of days later.
Dragon Air, a subsidiary of Cathay Pacific, will begin operations on July 1 and Sichuan Airline by mid-July.
They will fly to Singapore, Hong Kong, Muscat and China. “These international carriers beginning operations from Bangalore reiterates the fact that with this airport, south India’s connection to the rest of the world will improve substantially in the near future,” said BIAL officials.


Bangalore finally has Bengaluru International Airport. The operator of the airport as well as the users are facing several teething problems. Complaints include delayed flight arrivals, delay in immigration and baggage clearance, lack of guidance to passengers among others. Deccan Herald invites its readers who have used the new airport to share their experiences so that the operator can attend to the hitches. You may have complaints or compliments or both. Mail to us, preferably with your photograph, at Selected mails and photographs will be published in the newspaper.


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