Saturday, May 31, 2008

Airport will function smoothly: BIAL

Airport will function smoothly: BIAL

On the seventh day of its opening, the Bengaluru International Airport reacts to the hue and cry raised by passengers and airlines.
“On completion of one week of operations, BIA has received overwhelming positive and negative responses. The feedback has been compiled and action initiated. This is only the start-up phase. Operating an airport at a first-class level is an ongoing process; we will constantly aim to increase efficiency, speed and elevate passenger experience. We appreciate the feedback and suggestions that are coming our way and take each one seriously. We intend to address all issues and ensure that the airport functions smoothly,’’ said Albert Brunner, CEO, BIAL.
Ineffective ground handling: delay in connecting aerobridges to
aircraft, baggage retrieval for
arriving aircraft; aircraft pushback for departing aircraft.
The reason for this was shortage of staff and equipment, and inadequate supervision by ground-handling systems. The shortage was caused by uncertainties about the opening date. The number of operation and supervision staff has been increased. The average time taken for a passenger to alight from an aircraft, collect baggage and exit the terminal building is approximately 20 minutes (for domestic) and 45 minutes (for international passengers). This is expected to reduce further.
Shortage of taxis
Based on permits issued by authorities, the number of airport taxis on the first day was 98. Thereafter, the number was increased every day and has now reached 670. By the end of this week, the number will increase to 900 taxis. Call 43434343 or 44224422 for taxi details
Taxi charges
Charges differ for day and night. As per government tariffs, there is an added surcharge of 50% during night (10.00 pm to 6.00 am). However, this surcharge doesn’t apply to airport taxis, which levy a single rate of Rs 15/km for A/C cars. This will be valid for one month. After this period, the surcharge will be 25% for airport taxis.
Lack of signage Added signage leading to the taxi stand and in the parking area.
Washrooms (Clogging of washrooms was reported on Day 1) Immediate action has been taken to decongest pipelines and clean them. Toilet etiquette signage being placed in all washrooms.
No television in the waiting areas Television sets will shortly be organized for passenger entertainment inside the terminal building.
No phone-charging facility Phone-charging facilities being installed.
Information/customer grievance desk Personnel strength of the counter increased to 50.
Security at entrance/exit Strength of CISF staff has been increased from 770 on Day 1 to 990 within one week of operations, further easing entry into and exit from the terminal.
Retail counters not fully stocked Stocks have been added to complete the passenger retail experience.


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