Monday, April 28, 2008

Nostalgic ride around the city

Nostalgic ride around the city

Raghava M.

Rally taken out in support of use of bicycles as an alternative transport

Photo: K. Murali Kumar

EnthusiastIC: Cyclists from various parts of Bangalore taking part in the ‘car-free day’ rally on Sunday. —

BANGALORE: For some, it was thrilling and fun, while for others it was sheer nostalgia. People had their own experiences to share about cycling and moving on the city roads on the weekends when traffic is not usually clogged.

A good number of cyclists, both young and old, took part in the “Car Free Day” organised by WebEx and GoCycle to generate awareness about the use of bicycles as an alternate mode of transport. “At least today, make it a point not to drive your cars. This will be a good reason to avoid taking your wife shopping and be at home,” said an organiser.

The event started simultaneously from Jayanagar, Sadashivanagar, Koramangala and Cox Town at around 8.30 a.m.

Dressed mainly in shorts and T-shirts, the cyclists had prepared suitably for an hour-long ride on a sunny morning.

While many carried water bottles to quench their thirst, some also wore helmets. They all converged at the Chancery off M.G. Road.

“I have been riding bicycles since my childhood. It has kept me healthy.

I do not have any reason to leave riding bicycles,” said George L, who carries the taste for cycling.

Mr. George’s 12-kg “light weight” bicycle attracted the attention of many for its design, which was different from those participating in the event.

“The bicycle still retains the same diamond shape. Some changes have been made to keep it sleek,” said Mr. George, who has covered many a distance on it.

Prem Koshy of Koshy’s was also nostalgic. “I remember the days when we used to cycle to Koshy’s and sit to bet on the number of hypo cars that would pass through. We also cycled competitively. My brother was 13 when he covered the distance between Bangalore and Mysore,” he said.

Mr. Prem then referred to 87-year-old George, one of his former employees, who still preferred to ride a bicycle and deliver bread to customers.

Cyclists spoke about the need to make the bicycle the preferred mode of transport.

A few referred to the groups on, who go on long rides every Saturday. There were also a few who expressed their problems with regard to riding their bicycles in Cubbon Park.


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