Sunday, March 30, 2008

We need wide pavements

We need wide pavements
Readers Feel That There Is A Need For Better Civic And Traffic Sense Among The Citizens

Fine motorists driving
on the footpaths
Walk and talk are the best ways to know our city. Alas! Look at the condition of our footpaths. The BBMP and police must punish those who defile footpaths. Please plant
more trees on either side of the road. I JAGADEESH KALMATH Pedestrians and motorists should use footpaths and roads without stepping on others’ shoes. The footpath should be wide enough and reserved for pedestrians and must be totally free from various vendors and parked vehicles. I P A SUKUMARAN
Footpaths should be pedestrian-friendly, so that people don’t walk on roads instead. Preference should be given for pedestrians while crossing the roads as is done in cities like Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Singapore. Motorists riding on pavements should be severely punished.
With incessant growth in the usage of vehicles, everyone’s stopped considering the safety of pedestrians. Twowheeler motorists ride on footpaths to avoid getting stuck in traffic jams. The traffic police should fine such drivers heavily. In areas rich in greenery, no vehicles should be allowed so that, at least here, people who walk can breathe fresh air. I MEGHANA C KOTHARI
Clear encroachments
All footpaths should be cleared of encroachment so that no bike, auto nor taxi can be parked on them. Construct strong pillars on both ends of footpaths. I RAVI K SURI
The zebra crossings should be painted properly on all city roads with immediate effect. Upgrade footpaths with tiles and slabs and clear encroachments. I SATHEESH L
Footpaths should be free of hawkers, animals, beggars and dabba stalls. Nowadays, two-wheelers ride on them too. Those motorists should be punished. I VIMALA KESARI
Construct subways
Construct low-budget skywalks on all busy roads. Post traffic volunteers on busy roads to facilitate pedestrians to cross the road, especially during peak hours. I M B VENKATESH
At busy junctions, construct some subway/ skywalks. Build good footpaths.I RAVICHANDRAN


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