Sunday, March 09, 2008

Police gear up to tackle traffic snarls

Police gear up to tackle traffic snarls
DH News Service, Bangalore:

Bangalore City Commissioner of Police N Achutha Rao on Friday said that disorderly behaviour is one of the biggest contributors for traffic-related problems on city roads.

Addressing the traffic police at a workshop on Traffic Management and Road Safety at the Police Commissioners office he said that violation of traffic rules, riding bikes on footpaths, jumping signals, parking of vehicles in a haphazard manner had become regular menace.

He stated that the City was still far behind in meeting infrastructure requirements, manpower and equipment needed to meet traffic management. While the police department was getting necessary equipment under B Track project, the need of the hour was to educate the road users. Therefore, the traffic police should not only concentrate on enforcement, but also on traffic regulations, he suggested.

The Bangalore International Airport in Devanahalli would become functional very soon and the police were trying their best to ensure free traffic flow on the roads leading to the airport. The police department was waiting for the sanctioning of Traffic and Law and Order police stations in Devanahalli. Programmes needed to be organised in and around Devanahalli to create awareness about how to use the road, he said.


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