Saturday, February 02, 2008

BBMP demolishes retainer wall

BBMP demolishes retainer wall
DH News Service, Bangalore:
The Cauvery Junction underpass work seems to have hit another obstacle.

The BBMP on Friday demolished a half-constructed retaining wall of the underpass due to an alignment problem. Work on erecting a new wall will begin later in the night. BBMP officials said the underpass is now slated to be completed by February 6. There were also allegations that the wall would have actually collapsed by Thursday midnight.

According to sources, the wall was built a couple of days ago. “Three lifts (portions) of the reinforced cement concrete wall, each lift (1.2 metres height) had been completed. We then noticed that the third lift was not in alignment with the carriageway of the underpass. This was because the wall bulged during concreting due to the moist nature of the soil. So, we decided to demolish it,” said an official source. The lack of alignment was noticed on Wednesday night itself, he added. We wanted to complete an infiltration well on Thursday to take care of seepage and rainwater. Hence, we are carrying out dismantling of the wall today,” another official said.
After clearing the debris due to demolition, shuttering and reinforcement work will be done in the night and by Saturday afternoon, the concreting work will begin, he added.

A reliable source said, “It is not easy to dismantle the wall within hours. It could have collapsed due to improper foundation and curing.”


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