Friday, February 22, 2008

All for the GLOBAL SOUL...

All for the GLOBAL SOUL...
Runway to airport

Bangalore: There’s some good news for passengers driving up to Bengaluru airport. After failing to convince the government, BIAL authorities have taken up the approach road network connecting the international airport.
Termed as Trumpet road network, taken up on NH 7 near the airport, it will lead smoothly to the airport terminal once completed. “The network is expected to complete on schedule and will be open by March 30,’’ BIAL CEO Albert Brunner told reporters.
With little more than a month for flights to take off and land from the new airport, the BIAL has taken up the airport readiness programme (ARP) consisting of core and complementary processes. “BIAL follows guidelines termed ‘FISH’ to ensure that each of these processes are addressed and ready. Explaining this aspect, Brunner said ‘F’ includes different facilities required for different processes; ‘I’ involves information, for work orders, manuals, checklists and standard operating procedures; ‘S’ stands for systems and ‘H’ means human resource.
The identified six core processes are categorised into: aircraft guidance; aircraft handling; passenger process; baggage process; cargo process and operational airport management. The BIAL authorities earmarked landside airport access, commissioning and utilities, safety, security, licensing and relocation from HAL airport on complementary side.
Elaborate transport arrangements have been made to reach the airport. BMTC has will be pressing in 40 Volvo buses for dedicated shuttle services between the airport and seven destinations across the city. A trip from M G Road is expected to cost a passenger Rs 130, while non-luxury buses would cost Rs 65.
Around 900 taxis would be available for travel when the airport begins operation. Brunner expects that the taxi service would provide employment opportunities to at least 1,800 local families. “More than 50% of the employees here are locals,’’ he said.
The taxis are said to be affordable and equipped with GPS and GPRS to track the journey for safety and transparency.
In addition to 700 car parks for staff, the new airport can accommodate 2,000 cars. This would be fully automated with an efficient and transparent management system. A 10-minute free parking would be given to all drop off passengers. Two wheeler parking, valet parking, dedicated zone for tour operator buses and premium areas to pick up hotel guests are also available. Car parking fee include Rs 50 for the four hours and Rs 40 for two hours.
And perhaps for the first time in Indian airports limousines and rental operations for premium cars would be made available in Bengaluru airport. High-end cars could be rented professionally for self drive.


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