Monday, January 28, 2008

Pro-Kannada organisations rail roko irks passengers

Pro-Kannada organisations rail roko irks passengers
DH News Service, Bangalore:
Train passengers had a harrowing time on Sunday, as more than half-a-dozen trains leaving Bangalore were delayed by several hours. Reason: Agitation by the pro-Kannada organisations.

Sara from Belgium could not travel to Chennai on Sunday. She was asking people for the reason for the strike and wanted to know why innocent people were tormented.

A marriage party was also the sufferer of the agitation. The group was to go to Chennai by Brindavan Express. But due to the rail roko, they were stranded at the Bangalore station for at least two hours. The worst hit were the people going to the North as they had no alternative but to wait for the train.

Lack of coordination

Sources said, the differences and lack of coordination between the City police and the Railway police led to a near total rail bandh by the pro-Kannada organisations on Sunday at the Bangalore City Railway Station.
According to the police sources, the DGP K R Srinivasan had summoned a meeting in this regard where the IGP of Railways Hafiz, senior officials of Bangalore city and Vatal Nagaraj had attended the meeting where it was decided that the train services will not be affected.

However, on Sunday as soon as the activists stormed the Bangalore City Railway Station, the police found itself helpless.

It was learnt that the RPF and the Railway police insisted to prevent the crowd entering the station but the city police preferred holding talks with the leader of the agitation Vatal Nagaraj to avoid any confrontation.
Nagaraj assured that the agitation will last till 6 pm and it would be ‘totally peaceful’.

But after entering inside, there was utter commotion and everywhere there were pro-Kannada activists holding banners, posters, waving yellow and red flags and shouting slogans. Sources said there were standing instruction to the police not to use force to suppress the agitation.

A top police officer of the city on condition of anonymity, denied lack of coordination between Railway Police and the City Police. “The agitators were in great number and we never wanted any confrontation or violence. So we allowed the protesters inside the Railway Station.”

After holding the successful rail roko the pro-Kannada organisations are gearing up for a major show in the national capital. According to the Kannada Chalavali Vatal Paksha president Vatal Nagaraj and the president of Karnataka Rakshana Vedike Narayan Gowda, on February 12, a dharna would be staged at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi to highlight the plight of Karnataka.

Trains delayed

As many as 11 train services in Bangalore Railway Division were affected on Sunday due to the agitation by the Pro-Kannada organisation against the alleged injustice with the Kannadigas.
The trains affected are:
1) Kakinada- Bangalore Express
2) Madras-Bangalore Brindavan Express
3) Mysore-Bangalore Express
4) Bangalore-Ahmedabad Express
5) Bangalore-Bhubaneshwar Express
6) Bijapur-Bangalore Basava Express
7) Bhubaneshwar-Bangalore Express
8) Kachiguda-Yeshawanthpur Express
9) Salem-Yeshawanthpur Express
10) Bangalore-Ernakulam Passenger
11) Hubli-Bangalore Express.


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