Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New logo for ‘Bengaluru airport’

New logo for ‘Bengaluru airport’

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Bangalore, Jan. 29 A three-petalled flower seemingly swaying in welcome is the new logo of the new airport at Devanahalli - the Bengaluru International Airport.

BIAL, the airport company, has just started sporting the logo of green, red and yellow on its Web site.

“The new Bengaluru Airport now has a new identity inspired by the flowers of Bangalore,” a spokesperson said. “It will reflect the reputation of Bangalore as the garden city and its new name, Bengaluru.”

The branding exercise comes less than two months from the airport’s opening date – March 30, 2008. The Rs 1,900-crore airport in its phase 1 is putting the final touches and testing all its systems ahead of a formal inauguration by the Prime Minister on March 28.

“BIAL (earlier) had a logo identity which represented the company and its shareholders. However, as we prepare for the opening of the airport, we felt a clear need to focus on the destination – the city of Bangalore – and not the operator,” the spokesperson said.


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