Monday, January 28, 2008

City inches towards summer: Met dept

City inches towards summer: Met dept
Sunday January 27 2008 12:00 IST

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BANGALORE: Bangaloreans are experiencing sunny days and not-so-cool nights. One may be wondering whether we are approaching summer. Its true.

According to meterology officials, we are moving towards summer after January 15. This is a transition period. There is a decrease in night duration and increase in the day length.

According to Professor of Agro-Meterology of University of Agricultural Sciences M B Rajegowda, this transition period is leading to increase in radiation and decline in outgoing radiation, resulting in the accumulation of heat units in the atmosphere.

Director of Meterology Department A Muthuchami said that the cloudy condition prevailing for 2-3 days lead to sudden increase in heat quantity in the earth’s surface, resulting in a rise in night temperature.

Presently, the sky is clear and the temperature has come to its original level, he said. In Bangalore, it is observed that the earth’s surface cools at higher rate and temperature declines in evening and night. The clear sky in the evening enhances the outgoing radiation and thus the earth’s surface generally cools down.

The tendency of increasing night temperature will continue till April second week. The day temperature is maximum between 1 pm to 3 pm and the temperature will increase till April second week. Rajegowda said that no rainfall is expected in January and February, unless, there is a storm in Bay of Bengal.


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