Saturday, December 29, 2007

Metro on M G Road

Metro on M G Road
Subrahmanyan Viswanath
Romp, revelry and resolutions, the three Rs of a celebrations-do, mark the mood and method of most revellers for ushering in the New Year.

Trust namma Bengalooru’s motley of young, yuppie brigade living life in the fast lanes of malls, multiplexes, food courts, beer and lounge bars being far behind. No way. Well, with the clock ticking by towards zero hour in just about couple of days when we say Sayonara 2007 and Swagatham 2008 there’s a certain festive nip in the air. With spring in their steps, vivacious verve in their body lingo, sporting latest in sartorial styles, these happy and savvy brood are demonstrative of growing mobile and pod generation for whom it is sheer joi de vivre to be in the thick of things. Live life kingsize is their credo and surely know what it is to binge big and boisterous. Have whale of a time as if there is no tomorrow. Ofcourse, many more joints to jive, jig and jollify may have sprung aplenty for them young things to bid the old year bye and tumultuously toll in the new year.

But then as clock creeps to strike that defining hour wherein old wanes out as the new weaves in, the one prime place, majority among these happy brave breed, would like to swamp to be seen, heard and hail hurrah to New Year is City’s coveted hotspot — Mahatma Gandhi Road. However, sadly, MG of yester-years is long lost into dust books of history. MG, which held prominent pride of place, be it for that sauntering stroll, seasonal shopping sessions, for cupid struck couples to lounge on its beautiful boulevard has lost its lustre and light. With sun setting on its betwiching boulevard, now etched only in mind’s recess for posterity, several landmarks lost to realty syndrome that is gnawing at City’s architectural vital, MG’s entire stretch snuffed out to make for namma metro, MG’s charm has been dealt body blow being rendered inhospitable and a dampner on New Year festivities with metro playing partypooper.

As a result, revellers who raced to MG to savour the moment on the stroke of midnight as City’s churches tolled the Cinderalla hour and court the paparazzi for possible potshot at fame on frontpage or PG3 of their favourite paper now have have to make do without their midnight date with MG as they gustily hoot in 2008 and hail Hallelujah in a infectuous bonding of bonhomie.


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