Thursday, December 27, 2007

Low mercury levels not unusual

Low mercury levels not unusual
DH News Service,Bangalore:

In the last two days, the maximum temperature recorded in the City has been two to three degrees above normal (26 degrees Celsius) and minimum temperature below normal (16 degrees before December 25 and 15 degrees from December 25) by one to four degrees.
The mercury levels dipped as nights are longer by 38 minutes as sun is in the Southern Hemisphere and earth is losing long wave radiation during the night due to clear skies, he said. In the next 48 hours, the minimum temperature will be near normal.
The Meteorological Department officials rubbished reports in a section of the media that temperatures recorded on December 24 were the third coldest in the last 124 years.
The minimum temperature recorded on Tuesday was 11.8 degrees Celsius. There have been a number of days in the past few decades when mercury levels have dipped between 10 degrees and 11 degrees, senior meteorologist Puttanna has said.


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