Thursday, December 27, 2007

Is Bangalore ready to reuse?

Is Bangalore ready to reuse?

Staff Reporter

Bangalore: An old music system, an extra telephone set, a table fan you do not use, a computer you have replaced with a new model, a highchair your child has grown out of… How many of these things lie around in your house, stored away in cardboard boxes or gathering dust in your basement? Well this unique e-group could well be the answer to the mounting junk in your house, or even help you find that specific item you have been looking for: group/Bangalore Reuse/.

“BangaloreReuse” has been created by environmental consultant Paul Mundackal in his attempt to find a solution to the environmental crisis created by uncontrolled and often toxic garbage that piles up in the city’s landfills. He believes this networking initiative could go a long way in promoting the concept of “reduce, reuse and recycle”. The group has 38 members now. “We styled ourselves after a similar group in San Diego called Freecycle, which has been a big success,” he says. Freecyle was conceived to “help the environment by diverting useful items from landfills and helping members of our community.”

“That initiative is much larger in scale. Freecycle has over 12,000 members and nearly 50 items are exchanged every day.” These range from new shoes that pinch the owner’s feet but might be good for someone else, things left over from a house remodelling project “…you can take the rest of it”, books and CDs, skis and furniture.

“But here I find that people are reluctant to reuse. New is given a much greater premium even if a used computer or chair is in prefect condition. That attitude needs to change if we have to save the environment,” he says.


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