Thursday, December 06, 2007

Green or concrete

Green or concrete

Bangalore – once the garden city covered with trees has now changed to a fast-paced, multi-storeyed, concrete jungle. In the last ten years, the city has completely lost its tag name that it has been known for to become a glitzy, IT hub with gl ass buildings and big cars.

All of which have had a negative effect on our crumbling infrastructure and public transport.

While the public invariably complains of poor public transport, narrow, potholed roads, environmentalists and old Bangaloreans maintain the need for a lung space and mass use of public transport.

With 1,000 vehicles being registered everyday in the city, more and more cars emerge out of gigantic apartment blocks and offices, clogging roads, endangering pedestrians and causing alarming noise and air pollution.

So what is the solution really? A metro rail, bigger, wider roads, flyovers, underpasses and the works that seem to be the ready answer from everyone – right from the officials to the citizens. When will the day dawn when the “less is more” policy is adopted, when we vow to take out our cars less frequently and when we do take out our big, huge cars, we ensure that is full up?

We should not sacrifice trees in the name of development. We still need to breathe fresh, clean air. I think that commercial areas only should be developed and residential areas should be left alone and still have control over their own green cover.


There should be a balance between so-called development and rampant tree-cutting. Only if there is sustainable development can traffic issues be solved. There should be compulsory basement parking to be ale to ease traffic on the roads.
Sound engineer

Bangalore has been famous globally for gardens and being the green city. Widening the roads, flyovers and underpasses do not solve traffic problems. Trees should not be cut for development as it is not the solution, they are necessary for our good health.


I don’t think that many trees are being cut down to pave the way for development as much other cities like Chennai. I have not see it personally. The city is still green. The solution otherwise lies in developing mass public transport that should be compulsory.



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