Friday, November 23, 2007

Bangalore has 1.05 lakh millionaire homes

Bangalore has 1.05 lakh millionaire homes
Shankar Raghuraman | TIG

New Delhi: Delhi has more households earning over Rs 10 lakh a year than any other city in India, followed by Bangalore and Mumbai. Chandigarh has the largest concentration of such families with every seventh household there having a seven-figure annual income.
Contrary to what you might expect, even ranked by the absolute number of households with incomes of Rs 10 lakh or more per year, the metros aren’t all on top of the list, with Chennai ranked 9th, Hyderabad 12th and Kolkata a lowly 26th.
On top of the list are Delhi, with 1.38 lakh such households, and Bangalore, with 1.05 lakh families. Mumbai comes in third at just over 1 lakh millionaire households, but if you add the roughly 74,000 millionaires families that Thane has to Mumbai’s tally, it would jump right to the top of the list.
These statistics emerge from Indicus Analytics’ yet-to-be-released report, Housing Skyline of India 2007-08, which collates data on several parameters related to housing and households for India’s top 100 urban centers from a variety of sources.
Between them, the 100 cities have just over 1.5 million households with Rs 10 lakh-plus annual incomes.


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