Friday, November 30, 2007

12 parks to have bird corners

12 parks to have bird corners

Special Correspondent

BANGALORE: Birds, driven away from the city because of excessive industrialisation and construction activity will soon have a safe haven exclusively built for them.

Such an initiative has been launched in Rajajinagar by N.L. Narendrababu, MLA. This will not only enthral children, who visit the parks, but also provide an occasion for them to be bird-friendly and love environment.

Mr. Narendrababu told presspersons that there were 32 parks in his constituency out of which 12 had been selected for creating bird corners, also known as Pakshidhama. Bushes and nests would be developed in the corner of a park welcoming different species of birds to settle there.

Instead of planting only ornamental trees, indigenous saplings of Indian origin, which will yield flowers and fruits for helping insects and birds, will be grown in the parks.

There are still 128 species of birds in the city despite excessive industrialisation and construction. Numerous varieties of birds have either migrated or have become extinct, thanks to the destruction of tanks at Saneguruvana Halli and Dasarahalli in the constituency.

Mr. Babu said that small bathing places with half a foot depth would be built near the nests and bushes in these parks. There would be resting spots within the ponds, so that the birds could take rest after the bath. Peepal and neem saplings would be planted. Aromatic plants supplied by the GKVK campus would be planted in two parks to attract birds.

He said that the citizens could see the full development of these bird corners in four years and trees had been planted one year ago.


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