Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Everything’s wrong with our roads

Everything’s wrong with our roads
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are some photographs sent in by our readers in response to our special report ‘What’s wrong with the roads here?’ (Oct. 28). They tell the whole story — of governmental apathy and our patience with the administration to bear with it.

The B V K Iyengar road is in terrible shape. So are the roads in Chickpet. — Sajjan Raj.
In 7th Block Koramangala, opposite Sunday Monday. Entry on the side of Hutch shop off Forum. Only half the lane is shoddily asphalted and abandoned machines in the narrow lane cause more trouble. — Ambuja Narayan, Koramangala
1 The stretch from Viveknagar-Ravi Tent to the Ejipura signal needs an urgent facelift; 2. The first left road starting from 20th Main Koramangala 80 ft road (opp. Namdhari, adjacent to Indian Heritage Academy) and the parallel road to this main (behind Indian Heritage Academy, police station, Bethany school to the road connecting 5th Block KHB colony). — Mathangi K Kumar, Koramangala
Near Urvashi theatre signal (Lalbagh Road), the entire stretch of 100 metres is in terrible condition. — Aliasgar Rangwala
The Dasarahalli main road, Hebbal. One of the main feeder roads for the new international airport at Devanahalli. It’s pathetic now, waiting to be a disaster in six months! — Rajeev Rau


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