Friday, August 31, 2007

State cant deny NICE its right

State cant deny NICE its right
DH News Service, Bangalore:
Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise on Thursday reacted to the government's new designs by maintaining cancellation of an administrative agreement can in no way take away from NICE the right to get land for the Bangalore Mysore Infrastructure Corridor by way of sale deeds.

“... the fact is the tripartite agreement was signed only to assign the rights of implementation of the first phase of the project to Nandi Economic Corridor Enterprise Limited... only to facilitate speedier implementation of the project and for NICE to achieve financial closure and other administrative necessities, which will then allow NICE to focus on implementing the second and third phases,” a NICE spokesperson said.
Quoting from the agreement, he said cancelling a “purely administrative agreement” did not take away the right of NICE from securing lands on sale deed basis. Calling the move an “indirect violation” of High Court and Supreme Court orders to both NICE and the State government, he said it was the State’s attempt to favour a “non-registered and fraudulent consortium” called Global Infrastructure Consortium.
NICE slammed the move to invite global tenders for BMIC under Swiss Challenge Method, contending the method could be adopted only for new projects. “This method can be applied only in the initial stage of awarding the contract for a particular project,” he said. He said the company would take the issue up in the SC.


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