Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Malls on high alert

Malls on high alert
Bangalore, DHNS:
In the wake of Hyderabad blasts, Red alert has been sounded by malls and multiplexes in Bangalore in their premises.

There’s a high alert in the City in the wake of Hyderabad blasts. But, over and above that alert is the red alert that malls and multiplexes in Bangalore have sounded in their premises.

“There are three levels of alert that we maintain at Forum Mall; green, yellow and red. Since last Saturday, we have escalated it to red alert, which means physical and technological preparedness at all times,” said Mr Neeraj Duggal, vice president, Retail Development, Prestige, the developers of Forum.

Right from checking the underbelly of the entering cars and recording their numbers and duration of parking to security at the entrance, basement and at all levels, the mall management is trying to ensure secure visit to its shoppers and movie goers. “We will shortly increase the strength of our security personnel by 20 per cent,” he added.

They have recently purchased a bomb suppression blanket with police permission to subdue any untoward explosion in the mall. “Besides, we make sure that no dust bin is more than a quarter filled at any time because dust bins can be misused to hide any explosive devices,” said Mr Duggal.

At Inox multiplex at Garuda Mall people are not allowed to carry any eatables inside. “There are 25 security guards in three shifts each including three lady guards per shift barring the night shift. We physically check the baggage of people at the mall.

They are not allowed to carry tool box or knife etc. There’s additional security during weekends,” said Mr Mohit Bhargava, regional general manager, Inox. The security at Garuda Mall has also been heightened. “We are checking the cars at the entry point itself,” he added.

Similar security measures are also in place at Bangalore Central. “Bags are not allowed inside and there are metal detectors to screen any objectionable object from coming inside the mall,” said Mr Raj Sethia, owner, Gangotree — a famous chain of chat store in Bangalore Central.


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