Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Electric vehicles for last-mile connectivity

Electric vehicles for last-mile connectivity

Bangalore: Bangalore Metro Rail will be a reality by 2011, going by the momentum of the work in recent months. While it will be able to ferry lakhs of passengers each day, integrating it with other modes of transport to carry passengers to their homes are still being worked out.
Even as BMTC is busy with modalities to resolve issues like introducing buses as feeder services and commission dedicated bus routes, a private firm has proposed electric vehicles that will provide last-mile dropping facility at reasonable prices.
But questions remain. How will lakhs of passengers reach the Metro catchment area? Will there be enough parking facility for commuters to park their vehicles at Metro stations?
Ten Systems and Services Private Ltd has proposed creating an access control zone of 3-km corridor on either side where only light, CNG/electric rickshaws and bicycles called ‘neighbourhood vehicles’ are allowed, and passengers are dropped at their doorsteps.
Optimal spacing of stations, in conjunction with a feeder sub-system saves capital cost (principal and interest repayment burden) as well as provide significant benefits in operational efficiency, better trip frequency, lower electricity bill, faster travel time, better ridership.
“Electrical vehicles will be handy, as they are low on economy and high on ecology. We could keep the pricing at Rs 1.50 per passenger per kilometre as we would use electric cars, three-wheelers and bikes. Acceptance and penetration will be high, and it will reduce travel time,’’ said managing director Chandra Vikash.
Use a fleet of Eco-friendly Vehicles (EV) which can seat 4, 8 or 15 persons for feeder trips Develop a network of EV stations at 0.5 km distance around the city EV-friendly routes connect inner residential areas to arterial routes (with congestion/emission charges for space-inefficient, polluting vehicles) Encourage people to avoid using cars for short trips/single-driven/low-occupancy trips Additional, detachable, rain cover


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