Sunday, August 19, 2007

CNR Rao expresses dismay over `distorted` growth of Bangalore

Rao expresses dismay over `distorted` growth of Bangalore
Eminent scientist C N R Rao today expressed dismay over the "distorted" growth of Bangalore and termed the city "disgusting and terrible".

"Sudden explosion of industries in Bangalore has given rise to distorted priority," Rao, a long-time resident of Bangalore, known as the silicon valley of India and the garden city, lamented at a function here.

"If you are a resident of Bangalore and Hyderabad...It's so disgusting the way the two cities have been developing," he said without mincing words, terming Bangalore’s development as "vulgar and filthy".

Rao, chairman of the scientific advisory council to the prime minister and an author of over 40 books, said it's unfortunate that the mushrooming of hundreds of malls in the city is seen as a sign of prosperity, development and growth.

"How can you forget that 35 per cent of women in Bangalore are illiterate," he asked, while delivering a key-note address at the golden jubilee seminar on "fostering scientific temper: popular science writing in India", organised by the national book trust.

Pointing at the big sign boards that have come up all over the city, he said "you can't see sky in Bangalore". In addition, there are huge cut-outs and posters of political parties pasted all around with "their ugly faces", he remarked


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