Sunday, August 19, 2007

BDA to build EWS housing in 326 acres

BDA to build EWS housing in 326 acres
Saturday August 18 2007 13:30 IST

BANGALORE: Houses are built for generations, and that is what the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) now believes and acts on. The BDA is being very cautious this time while constructing budget houses - houses that must last at the least 60 years.

Under master plan- 2015, plan of the development agency to construct budget houses is taking shape.

The Revenue Department has handed over 326 acres of land to BDA for constructing houses for the Economically Weaker Section of society. Some 150 acres have been already occupied by BDA. The sites are sprinkled over 16 places around the City.

They are near to the Peripheral Ring Road (PRR), National and State Highways in places like Alur, Kudregere, Kanminike, Valepura, Yaarappanahalli and Bettadasanapura.

Speaking to this website’s newspaper, BDA Commissioner M K Shankarlinge Gowda said out of the 326 acres of land handed over by the Revenue Department, 150 acres occupied are vacant sites.

The development agency is yet to identify and scan the 176 sites. Expression of Interest for the Construction of budget houses was called for by the BDA. The tender notices are available on the BDA website under the Tender Section.

‘‘Over 24 companies have shown interest in construction of these Economically Weaker Section (EWS) houses. Proposals and tenders submitted by the companies are being evaluated. The cost of the property differs based upon the survey numbers and geographical location of the sites. We are being extra cautious as homes are built for generations and are essential asset to the people residing in them,’’ he said.

Provision of sites to losers of land Regarding the announcement made by Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy on Independence Day for provision of sites and services to beneficiaries, Gowda said essential steps were being taken. ‘‘A detailed proposal will be sent to the government within 15 days where the identified sites, survey numbers and areas will be clearly explained. According to the Comprehensive Development Plan, the BDA will focus on construction of budget houses, but sites must be given to land losers and beneficiaries. The places are yet to be finalised, they have already been identified,’’ Gowda said.

‘‘Houses cannot be built over night, even for the construction of houses adequate sites are required. Its the primary step and the BDA’s task is to provide sites to the needy. We are doing just the same,’’ Gowda asserted.


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