Sunday, July 29, 2007

This ones totally different

This ones totally different
Deccan Herald

With new malls mushrooming all over the City, theres one more to add to the list. Total mall opened its doors last week at Madivala. But what helps Total stand out from the other malls, is its unique concept.

Total is divided into two segments — the brands and the hypermarket.
The ground floor is filled with brands, 21 as of now including Mc Donalds, Coffee Day, Spykar, Reebok and much more. But the second and third floor house the hypermarket. These floors are filled with in house brands, thereby making the products cheaper.
The hypermarket is something similar to a Big Bazaar — only in house brands and low prices. Clothes, toys, gift items and furniture is available at the hypermarket. The electronics section houses all the top brands at reasonable prices. There is a huge food market as well. This is impressively large with a fresh vegetables and sea food section. The mall has tied up with farms and fishermen to ensure fresh produce. The sea food section also has live aquariums with fish and crabs, for those of you who want your food absolutely fresh.
They also have their own bakery and a take away restaurant called the ‘Garma garam’. The mall claims this will serve up food that tastes home made and the prices are easy on the wallet too. But the takeaway counter is not the only place where you can get food. Though as of now, the mall houses only cafes, it will soon have an entire floor dedicated to food and a kids gaming area. Apart from that they will have around four floors of only restaurants and lounge bars. Total will soon also house the City’s first Oxygen bar, ‘Ozone Spa’.
There’s ample parking space. The interesting part however, is that the parking is, at least as of now, free of charge. Total has a few other features including travellators so for those who hate the escalators but don’t want to take the stairs, this is a great option.
Another great feature about the mall are the billing counters. There are 24 billing counters in the hypermarket alone and of course the stores on the ground floor have their own billing. So hopefully, shopping at Total will mean no more long, tiring queues to get your purchases billed. The mall isn’t complete but new stores are coming up everyday and it should be complete within the next few months.


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