Sunday, July 29, 2007

Open spaces shrinking

Open spaces shrinking


Bangalore: Open spaces for parks and p u bl i c amenities in Bangalore are a mere 1.27% of the total land area of Bangalore. The rest is a concrete jungle.
Underlining this shocking statistic in the legislative assembly, N L Narendra Babu (Cong) on Friday appealed to the government to set up a monitoring committee to protect the remaining open spaces in the city.
“Under the Karnataka Open Spaces Act, at least 10% of the city’s area should be kept as open space. But in Bangalore, it has already shrunk to just 1.27%. We need to preserve what remains,’’ Babu said.
Quoting statistics from the Master Plan 2015, which was approved this year, Babu said even the report said that only 7.81% of land in the city comprised open spaces.


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