Thursday, June 21, 2007

Metro Rail project to get uninterrupted power

Metro Rail project to get uninterrupted power
Thursday June 21 2007 13:15 IST

BANGALORE: The 6,400-crore Metro Rail Project will be powered by the Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL).

Though a power-deficit state, Karnataka has decided that it’s prestigious metro rail will have a dedicated power system.

The power requirement for the Metro Rail is 55 MW for its 33-km stretch.

“The requirement of the project is about 0.68 per cent of the state’s power supply,” indicated V Madhu, MD, Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL).

“A third parallel rail will be installed in between the two tracks which will serve as power conductor.

“The Metro Rail will receive power supply from five receiving sub-stations. There will 34 auxiliary sub-stations at each metro station,” explained Madhu.

“The state consumes about 100MU (million unit) annually. Metro Rail power consumption is very minimal. Regular power supply to the state will not be affected on account of the Metro Rail. Dedicated stations will be provided for the ‘Metro’ Power supply” said Bharatlal Meena, Managing Director of KPTCL.

“Every station will have stand-by power supply, so there will be no case of power shutdown or the Metro stopping midway, unless there is a complete power blackout in the state,” said Madhu.

Apart from the electricity power supply, solar powered cells will also be used at Metro stations.

The metro stations will be designed in the manner to harness the solar energy to utilise it for the station’s various other requirements.


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