Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hiring auto, without tears!

Hiring auto, without tears!
DH News Service, Bangalore:
From June 1 passengers can book autos by calling or SMSing to an IVRS number.

Come Friday, Bangaloreans will have some respite from ‘hunting’ for autorickshaws, thanks to Easy Auto (EA), a scheme endorsed by the City police and RTOs. With this pilot project (for six months, starting June 1) in place, passengers can book autos by calling or SMSing to an IVRS number.

Passengers will be categorised as registered (entitled to door-to-door service) and casual (who’ll have to hire autos from EA stands). The City will have about 1,500 such stands, 1,050 of them close to BMTC bus stops.

People can register with EA paying Rs 75 at Spice outlets. Registration kits will contain a registration card and codes for different locations, a copy of which will be carried by autos enrolled with EA. Each card will have a serial number and a 16-digit PIN, to be used while booking autos. Enrolled auto drivers, to whom Spice Telecom is giving free SIM cards, will be informed through mobile phones (at a monthly rental of Rs 150). The passengers will be charged Rs 3 over the meter fare.

The IVRS number is 98441 12233. EAs can also be booked through A call centre, to co-ordinate with passengers, will be manned by agents fluent in Kannada, English and Hindi. It will give out only the location from where they wish to take the auto. Already, 500 auto drivers have reportedly enrolled. Internet World Wide will offer uniforms and personal/family health insurance up to Rs 1 lakh to enrolling drivers.


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