Thursday, May 24, 2007

Green formula to save trees

Green formula to save trees
Prathima Nandakumar | TNN

Bangalore: Felling giant trees to make way for infrastructure projects will be history. Call it a green formula — the Garden City is finally looking at translocation of trees. A pilot project on MG Road, along the Metro Rail alignment, will translocate 10 full-grown trees on the World Environment Day (June 5). “If this clicks, the Garden City can save a majority of the 1,500 trees being felled every year,’’ said a BBMP official.
On May 8, the environment advisory committee of Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRC) headed by Yellappa Reddy and members of Bangalore Environment Trust inspected MG Road and recommended nine trees to be translocated.
Currently, a team of experts is preparing to pick up tree species like ‘Pride of India’ and Tabubia, from the recently demolished Tank Bund area on MG Road.
The trees will be replanted at the adjacent Manekshaw Parade Ground. “It takes at least 45 days to ascertain if the experiment is a success, as the tree needs time to get acclimatised to its new habitat. If we succeed, we want to replicate the effort in other parts of the city where removal of trees is inevitable,” said a BMRC official.
A major concern is the cost of translocation. “We have not calculated the cost as it is only a pilot project. However, we need huge manpower, expensive equipment and expertise to have large-scale translocation of trees. Our next move is to save the 110-odd trees on Race Course Road. But we need to identify nearby open spaces for replanting them,’’ he added.
Meanwhile, experts have welcomed this move as they feel the pace of replacement of lost trees through massive afforestation is slow.
“Every tree is an asset and we should try to re-plant every tree being removed. Though afforestation adds to the green cover, the replacement is slow as it takes 7 to 10 years for a sapling to grow into a tree,’’ said G K Vasant Kumar, horticulture department director.
“We are identifying open spaces in parks to accommodate the trees as and when they are shifted,’’ he added.
Identify the tree for translocation by its age and health Prune branches to reduce weight to a minimum Remove soil to help in lifting the tree Cut roots, but keep tap root intact to minimise injury Prepare the pit with ingredients to receive the tree Lift the tree using crane and transport to the new location Plant the tree, provide support (for two months), apply fungicides and chemicals to prevent infection to injured portions Maintain humidity in soil and water


At Thursday, May 24, 2007 at 6:32:00 PM GMT+5:30, Blogger zcd said...

This is great news! Although Bangalore is exploding with energy and people it is sad to see the garden city turning into a concrete jungle. World class cities can afford to move towards green density- Chicago is a good example.

Now it would be great if there would be better rules on how to incorporate trees and other natural elements into all development projects, instead of just doing tree banking.


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